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About ARAZ

ARAZ is an online based shop in Bangladesh dealing in different types of goods ranging from BIKE PARTS to HOUSEHOLD goods and electronic devices. We are now especially focusing on the supply of 100% GENUINE parts and products of Indian bikes. Almost all the spare parts of Indian bike companies such as BAJAJ, TVS, HERO, YAMAHA, SUZUKI, HONDA are available in our shop.

Moreover, some renowned branded products like UCAL, MK, AMARON, AFKON, SAM, VORROC, ENDURENCE, PRICAL are also available at a reasonable price. We are also proving Engine Oils like MOTUL, YAMALUBE, BAJAJ, TVS, SUZUKI etc. Engine Oil brands.

ARAZ is very much committed to providing a meticulous service to its customers and clients, ease of purchase, comprehensive customer service and hassle-free shopping and returns. Our first and foremost priority is to make our customers happy and satisfied. Our intention is happy customers, happy purchases and happy returns.

Take care of your Bike